Design Industry Case Study


  • Providing design value added service to small and middle enterprise.
  • Providing value add creative service to creative talent, artists.
  • Clients : FET Telecom. Macromedia, Motorola, MITSUBISHI Electric, Nokia,, Academia Sinica, National Center for Traditional Art, Ming-Chung University.   
  • Building POD Lab 自主印 (Zìzhǔ yìn) brand providing portfolio on-demand service, printed and coaching consultant over 500 artists in Taiwan.  

7/2002 ~7/2003

  • Planning the YFP future e-business & organization model.
  • Lead and develop creating, maintain, integrate YFP B-to-B corporate portal site
  • Lead and creating “ CD Calendar Festival” business event. Agent 50 Illustrators’ works to get companies BtoB order.
  • Maintain & administrating
  • Successfully agent graphic designer to get eBay Taiwan outsourcing magazine advertising design. 


  • Successfully to get Civil Aeronautics Administration Ministry HR & Financial system project NT$1,420,000


  • Alliance with coding company to building financial company EIP site.
  • Alliance with Orange-Design Company to set up Nike "Hip Hoop” web event site coding & web Tech. 


  • Creative service content and managed (the first Chinese designers virtual community site).
  • Planed & implement course of lectures on creative & design with   sponsor Idée fashion group.
  • Planed & implement company sales kit design and printing.
  • Outsourced and cooperated with I+U design Company to design US$33,000 environmental portal site in HK.
  • Planed & implemented new business module to cooperate with web visual designer how to get a case if include database.
  • Planed & implemented recruit 67 designers to attend the first global (CN, HK, TW) Chinese industrial EXPO tour in Shanghai 2001.
  • Design Media reporter in Taipei International Design Fair 2001. (Organized by China External Trade Development Council CETRA). 


  • Sales & Marketing planning online library database system. (
  • Technical support “Tell me more“ English language training product.


  • Sales & system service engineer in Apple computer dealer.
  • Chin-Chen University department of visual communication design computer Lab hardware & software planning & service. 

Designer & Artist Agent      

  • Successfully agent Dennis Liu(icenter) lecture teaching in dept. of media communication design in Shin-Chien University. (the end)  
  • Successfully agent Laurent Shen lecture teaching in dept. of media communication design of Shin-Chien University and dept. of interior design in Ming Chung University. (the end)


  • Successfully agent Kevin Lin full-time teaching in department of media communication design of Shin-Chien University.(till now)


  • Successfully agent graphic designer Miss Sherri design Rich Jade Jewelry company’s event direct marketing mail brochure.


  • Successfully agent graphic designer Miss Yao Jia-Ming design magazine Ad for Taiwan.
  • Successfully agent web designer Blaire Ko design web event Ad for Taiwan and teaching MIDI course in ACC EC Multimedia Technology Corp.(


  • Successfully agent multi tasking artist Blaire Ko to be Macromedia Flash MX 2004 software Asia tester(only ten person),he also is a famous jazz guitar player in Taiwan. 
  • PR & sponsor digital artist Mr. Hsin-Chien Huang personal installation showcase in Taipei National Art Village and agent his book “ Pictographic Labyrinth“ to publishing in book store.(


  • Successfully agent fashion designer Ray designed a spring girl suite sample to Whales Digital Tech.(
  • Successfully agent CharlieTai ( )teaches basic function about new Flash Lite teach in TNIT Tung Nan Institute of Technology.
  • Successfully headhunting Ray Wang for Falomi Digital Media Ltd. as a multimedia programmer.


3/1999~7/1999 Multimedia CD Title Planning  

  • Chunghwa Telecom training multimedia CD title script planning

11/1999 Case Pre-sales Integration

  • Successfully agent Moulin Orange design company ( with WebHome marketing company ( to get Nike 2000 web marketing.(NT$ 6 millions dollars budget.)

5/20/2000 Video Technology

  • President ceremony live concert video projector engineer.

6/2002 Web Event Technical Integration

  • Successfully integrating Chunghwa Telecom “Higame 2001” online game competition web site coding engineers.

11/2002  Web Media PR

  • as media sponsor for 7 th Asia Package Design Exhibition in Taipei media sponsor.


  • Media sponsor for dept. of advertisement Chinese Culture University graduate exhibition. 

4/2004 Multimedia Design Coordinator, PM

  • Coordinating freelancer, director, postproduction house implement FarEastTone Telecom. Mobile phone motion graphic movies. NT$1,120,000


First Prize

  • Taipei City Bureau of Urban Development hosted 2th "creative people dream - Taipei Citizens’ Vision Plan" Competition